Day 10 of My Confessions

Day 10 of My Confessions: 💃🏽I’m back at it!🎉🎉 Birthday weekend reflections😱 Dreams revisited.  Watch it here.

I am back at it tonight. Confessing and being transparent is hard because there are some things that I am just not ready to open up about.

While celebrating my birthday this weekend I found myself drifting back down memory lane and trying to remember what my dreams were as a child. Have you ever thought back to what you dreamed of doing long before you learned to care what others thought? Well like most kids, my dreams changed over the years but a few things stick out that cause me to wonder what if?

Day 9 of my Confessions

Day 9 of my Confessions: 📢👂🏼☹️Judgement, Biases and Ears to Hear💯.

Watch today’s scope here. I share about  my love for music and my struggle to learn and receive anything of value from people I don’t like.  One thing led to another and I found myself confessing my dislike for politics.

Day 7 of my Confessions

Day 7 of my Confessions: Priorities😁 Who goes where?

In today’s confession I share my struggle to know what it looks like to prioritize my family.  This is something that I’m working on daily.  I love that Periscope is interactive because I was able to get feedback from viewers.  (Now, don’t you wish you had been with me live?)  One viewer suggested that I include time for myself in my list of priorities.  The weird thing about this is, this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard this suggested to me.  So, this suggestion really got my attention. Through conversation with live viewers I received great feedback as to what “Me time” looks to determine whether I am currently getting it.

Today’s discussions led me down to share about a really neat test that I took a while back to determine the areas of my life that need work.  While seeing the results for the first time was not be fun, it helped point me in the right direction to becoming a healthier me as a whole.   Want to take the test for yourself?

Watch today’s Confession here 

Day 6 of My Confessions

Day 6 of my Confessions😱 #friendship-struggles, seasons & revelations. 💃🏽Let’s do this😁😂😜

Today I share my heart on friendships and how I’ve struggled with seasonal relationships and coming to terms with recognizing real friendships.  Too often we confuse unhealthy co-dependent relationships or people who are around you for their own gain for real friendships.  In any event, it is so important that we don’t burn bridges out of hurt and pain because we may very well want to cross back over that bridge later on in life.  It is important to not that if a bridge has been burned, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that you’d like to work on building a new one.

Also included in this video I share a word of encouragement that I would go back and tell myself back in high school.

Watch Today’s Confession Here

Day 5 My Confessions

Day 5 of my Confessions Southern Belle snowed in #hegotitfromme😰😳😁 Time to Push back

I’m still going strong with my confessions, watch here .  I’m amazed at how much better I feel afterwards.  Have you started confessing anything?  Whether or not you are ready to share your confessions to the world, at least make the effort to confessing to yourself.  But,  don’t stop there, remember to forgive yourself and don’t dwell on the mistakes.  The important thing here is that we learn from them.

Day 4 of my Confessions

Day 4 of My Confessions👀🚙 scoping. Guess where I’m going and what I’m about to say join me 😰😁😂

Today’s scope was so much fun to do.  Watch here to see what you missed. Just make sure that you’re sitting down for this one.  It’s about $$$ and I keep it real.

As promised, here’s a picture from my adventure.  And Remember, NO MORE DEBT!!! Who want’s to go to war with me?



Day 3 of My Confessions

My confessions Day 3: Here I I go😱😰😁😳😂🙏🏾

I thought tonight would have been easier since I’m two days in, but boy was I wrong.  It honestly felt as though I was back at the first confession.   Today I reveal my struggles with asking for or accepting help.  You are not going to believe what I asked for help with today.


Watch the video here


Confession Day 2

Today was a crazy and amazing day.  What can I say taking off that mask felt good.  My first Confession yesterday was so far from perfect and I am ok with that.   It is what it is.  There’s a huge learning curve for me, and as I keep at this I will get it.   Thank you for taking this journey with me.

I promised that I would do a confession every day until I run out of things to confess.  Wonder how long this will last?  Me too.  I’m excited and shocked by some of the things I will share.  I’m committed to this so, there was no way I was going to miss Day Two.  I barely started before the day was over, but I won’t hold that against myself.   The plan was to put the kids to bed then get on periscope.  Of course it took longer than I’d hoped and one was determined to join in.  So in effort to make my deadline I let him come and watch.  Ha!  You will noticed he couldn’t stand the sidelines.

Warning…he will say something that will break your heart and someone out there may want to judge and say I’m a bad mother.  Well let me beat you to the point.  I’m a  mother who is learning  via on-the-job-training.  I’m allowed to make mistakes.  The important thing is that I fix them when I become aware.  Which is exactly what I did,  I promptly said my good byes and went off to spend time with him on his terms.  We ate cheerios in his bed while playing UNO.  Ha!  I love when correction has it’s rewards.  I am so blessed.  I’ll cherish my lesson from this.

I sure hope this is freeing to others.  Now that I’m tasting freedom, I can’t help but want to be apart of the liberation movement.  I’d love it if you join me.  Follow me on Periscope @diffusingthetea to get alerts and watch live.  You can even confess with me live.  What fun right?Another option is to share your confession on social media with the #MyConfessions and tag me on the following social media platforms:

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Soar On Lovelies,





Am I really doing this?

12507506_10153402668342337_7687398216867434211_nConfession time: This weekend I took off a mask that I’ve been wearing for so long that I don’t know when I put it on. I must say liberation feels good. It’s a shame I lived in fear of being me. Why was I so afraid?

I’m sure the mask will try to force its way back on but I refuse to live bound.

As part of my efforts to remain free I have decided to obey my Father and share my confessions with the world.

Everyday I will share a confession via Periscope. This will go on until I run out. To say I’m scared is an understatement! But my fear of loosing my freedom is greater.

If you want to keep up with my journey follow me on Periscope live @diffusingthetea

I’ll try to post the replay on Twitter @DiffusingtheTEA and via Oilychic on Instagram

My first confession is HERE