Day 6 of My Confessions

Day 6 of my Confessions😱 #friendship-struggles, seasons & revelations. 💃🏽Let’s do this😁😂😜

Today I share my heart on friendships and how I’ve struggled with seasonal relationships and coming to terms with recognizing real friendships.  Too often we confuse unhealthy co-dependent relationships or people who are around you for their own gain for real friendships.  In any event, it is so important that we don’t burn bridges out of hurt and pain because we may very well want to cross back over that bridge later on in life.  It is important to not that if a bridge has been burned, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that you’d like to work on building a new one.

Also included in this video I share a word of encouragement that I would go back and tell myself back in high school.

Watch Today’s Confession Here


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