Am I really doing this?

12507506_10153402668342337_7687398216867434211_nConfession time: This weekend I took off a mask that I’ve been wearing for so long that I don’t know when I put it on. I must say liberation feels good. It’s a shame I lived in fear of being me. Why was I so afraid?

I’m sure the mask will try to force its way back on but I refuse to live bound.

As part of my efforts to remain free I have decided to obey my Father and share my confessions with the world.

Everyday I will share a confession via Periscope. This will go on until I run out. To say I’m scared is an understatement! But my fear of loosing my freedom is greater.

If you want to keep up with my journey follow me on Periscope live @diffusingthetea

I’ll try to post the replay on Twitter @DiffusingtheTEA and via Oilychic on Instagram

My first confession is HERE


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