Day 7 of my Confessions

Day 7 of my Confessions: PrioritiesūüėĀ Who goes where?

In today’s confession I share my struggle to know what it looks like to prioritize my family. ¬†This is something that I’m working on daily. ¬†I love that Periscope is interactive because I was able to get feedback from viewers. ¬†(Now, don’t you wish you had been with me live?) ¬†One viewer suggested that I include time for myself in my list of priorities. ¬†The weird thing about this is, this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard this suggested to me. ¬†So, this suggestion really got my attention. Through conversation with live viewers I received great feedback as to¬†what “Me time” looks to determine whether I am currently getting it.

Today’s discussions led me down to share about a really neat test that I took a while back to determine the areas of my life that need work. ¬†While seeing the results for the first time was¬†not be fun, it helped point me in the right direction to becoming a healthier me¬†as a whole. ¬† Want to take the test for yourself? ¬†

Watch today’s Confession here¬†


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