Confession Day 2

Today was a crazy and amazing day.  What can I say taking off that mask felt good.  My first Confession yesterday was so far from perfect and I am ok with that.   It is what it is.  There’s a huge learning curve for me, and as I keep at this I will get it.   Thank you for taking this journey with me.

I promised that I would do a confession every day until I run out of things to confess.  Wonder how long this will last?  Me too.  I’m excited and shocked by some of the things I will share.  I’m committed to this so, there was no way I was going to miss Day Two.  I barely started before the day was over, but I won’t hold that against myself.   The plan was to put the kids to bed then get on periscope.  Of course it took longer than I’d hoped and one was determined to join in.  So in effort to make my deadline I let him come and watch.  Ha!  You will noticed he couldn’t stand the sidelines.

Warning…he will say something that will break your heart and someone out there may want to judge and say I’m a bad mother.  Well let me beat you to the point.  I’m a  mother who is learning  via on-the-job-training.  I’m allowed to make mistakes.  The important thing is that I fix them when I become aware.  Which is exactly what I did,  I promptly said my good byes and went off to spend time with him on his terms.  We ate cheerios in his bed while playing UNO.  Ha!  I love when correction has it’s rewards.  I am so blessed.  I’ll cherish my lesson from this.

I sure hope this is freeing to others.  Now that I’m tasting freedom, I can’t help but want to be apart of the liberation movement.  I’d love it if you join me.  Follow me on Periscope @diffusingthetea to get alerts and watch live.  You can even confess with me live.  What fun right?Another option is to share your confession on social media with the #MyConfessions and tag me on the following social media platforms:

@DiffusingtheTEA on Twitter           @Oilychic on Instagram

BTW,  If you ever see poor grammar are misspelled words let me know so I can correct it.  My email is


Soar On Lovelies,






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