My Confessions Day 24

My Confessions is back! Day/#24. Expectations, Emotions and Set-backs… Oh My!

Watch tonight’s confession here.   So you probably noticed I missed last week. Things got pretty hectic for me last week, So I didn’t make it on as you’ll hear me discuss in tonight’s scope.  All that matters is that I am back tonight.  Please bare with me as I try to get my mojo for confessing back.  I spent the day running errands and knocking things off of my to-do list so and  I really struggled with what to confess today.  You will notice that as I start out by faith I gradually began to open-up about what’s really on my heart and mind.  While this may not appear perfect, this is me and my process.

As always I thank you for joining me.   I hope to see you back here next week, Thursday nights at 11ish ET.


Angel O


Day 22 of My Confessions

My Confessions: #22 Love and Marriage-💯💏💯

It’s Thursday and I’m back live on Periscope!  Tune in live on Thursday nights at 11pm ET.

Watch video here.  In tonight’s confession I get real about marriage and come clean about what I really thought about it before I said “I do.”

I thought I was such a know-it-all back then. LOL…


Day 21 of My Confessions

Day 21 of My Confessions: Post😍😘 Valentine’s Day wrap-up/ Call to Action💯

Watch Video here

Hope you had a Love-filled Valentine’s Day.  Did you buy into the commercialization or keep it low key?  There’s no wrong answer here.  So people really do need to have a special day to remind them not to take those they cherish and love for granted.

Did you hear?  My Confessions will now be once a week.  For those of you who enjoy watching, but can’t keep up with all that life is sending your way, you are not alone.  I too have some things to get done.  In fact,  my confessions have played a vital role in helping me confront some of the things that have held me back.

I invite you to join me live on Periscope  @diffusingtheTEA


Day 19 of My Confessions

Day 19 of My Confessions: the struggle with weight and food addiction🍽🎂🍦🍪

Watch video Confession here

Watch today’s Confession where I share my struggle with weight-loss.  I’m convinced that not all weight is a result of eating habits.  Some weight gain can be symptomatic of other factors going on in your life. Stress, boredom, lack of passion/focus and emotions are just a few of the weight-gain triggers for me.  At t he end of the video I show how I get moving each day.




Day 18 of My Confessions

Day 18 of My Confessions: to thine own self be true! 🎭🎭🎤 I know who I am🎤 unmasked and unashamed💯

Watch today’s scope here.  If you recall back when I first started confessing I briefly mentioned that my recent attempt at taking a personality test resulted unnatural combination which amounted to masked behavior.  This bothered me greatly and I was determined to go back over the test.   I decided to spend some time making sure that I read and took the test properly and also answered questions based on my natural preferences and Not learned behavior.

Take the GEMS test for yourself and put your results in the Comments

Protected: Dani Johnson’s “GEMS” and Motivation by Gem Type

Day 17 of My Confessions

Day 17 of My Confessions: Mardi Gras Inspired ⚜🎷🎺🎭time to stop glorifying bad behavior 💯

Watch tonight’s confession here.  Have you ever flipped through magazines and amused yourself with the commentary of various fashion police or watched shows critiquing celebrities every move?  The truth is we have become so desensitized to bad behavior that it’s easy to laugh at it or dismiss the fact that some words are just plain mean.  As adults we teach kids to be nice, so it’s time we take our own advice.  Words have meaning and words hurt.

Day 16 of My Confessions

Day 16 of My Confessions with a special guest🎉🎉🎉- ?????? Have you given up on setting goals and creating your vision?

If you haven’t watched this scope, you are missing out.  See it here.  Tonight a friend, who has been following and cheering me on,  decided to join me live and share a confession of

her own.  For me thtyporamais was the greatest compliment.  Don’t get me wrong, the messages that you write to me saying how you related to something I shared are encouraging, so please don’t stop.  There is just something special about having someone else join you in doing the confessions live.

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