Balance Complete Meal Replacement Shake

This week I decided to take on Young Livings’ 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse program.  As part of the cleanse I had to drink the Balance Complete meal replacement shakes.  I must admit the thought of having to stomach a terrible tasting drink that left your mouth feeling all powdery made me sick.  I know what your thinking, how could I think such a thing without having tasted it?   I have tried other protein shake type drinks from other companies before and have always struggled to drink the beverages without feeling that I wanted to gag at the taste.

Just as I was about to prepare my very first shake of the program it occurred to me that I should document my natural reaction whether good or bad.  So I pulled out my phone and started recording myself with while still wearing pajamas and sporting my morning voice.

I’ve added the video of my reaction  for you to view my reaction.



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