Farm Share

Today I’m sharing how to eat healthy and affordably.  

Last year my family joined a local Farm Share also known as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) near our home.   This was a step in the right direction for us. It encourages us to not only eat more fruits and veggies but expands the variety of foods in our diet.  Each week we arrive at the farm anxious to see what we will take home for the week.  We have no control over what we get, but everything is fresh and in season.   Last year I discovered that my son and I love mushrooms and made acorn squash soup and zucchini bread for the first time.  This year I am on a mission to tackle some new items in my box.   If you have any suggestions for my eggplant or any other items, please share.

Another great thing about being  in a Farm Share is the savings.  Here in Pennsylvania my CSA runs from June through October.  For these four months the amount of produce I bring home far outweighs what it would cost me to purchase these items in a grocery store.  Now, if you have a smaller family or younger kids who don’t eat as much you can get away with splitting a seasonal membership with another family which is what we do.  Typically the amount of food we get is enough for our two families to split.  However, when items are popular in both homes or we only get a one or a few of something we have to get creative in our sharing.  Sometimes we’ll say “I’ll take the melon this week and you’ll get next weeks melon” or  one of us would take it and give the other more of something else.  I’ve also been known to purchase extra from the farmer if available then trade out my share of the single or small quantity item for more of something else.  The great thing about purchasing from the farm is the awesome value.  You will see what I’m talking about in this video.

I hope this helps you see that eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank.  Interested in finding a CSA near you, click here.

Balance Complete Meal Replacement Shake

This week I decided to take on Young Livings’ 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse program.  As part of the cleanse I had to drink the Balance Complete meal replacement shakes.  I must admit the thought of having to stomach a terrible tasting drink that left your mouth feeling all powdery made me sick.  I know what your thinking, how could I think such a thing without having tasted it?   I have tried other protein shake type drinks from other companies before and have always struggled to drink the beverages without feeling that I wanted to gag at the taste.

Just as I was about to prepare my very first shake of the program it occurred to me that I should document my natural reaction whether good or bad.  So I pulled out my phone and started recording myself with while still wearing pajamas and sporting my morning voice.

I’ve added the video of my reaction  for you to view my reaction.