Day 16 of My Confessions

Day 16 of My Confessions with a special guest🎉🎉🎉- ?????? Have you given up on setting goals and creating your vision?

If you haven’t watched this scope, you are missing out.  See it here.  Tonight a friend, who has been following and cheering me on,  decided to join me live and share a confession of

her own.  For me thtyporamais was the greatest compliment.  Don’t get me wrong, the messages that you write to me saying how you related to something I shared are encouraging, so please don’t stop.  There is just something special about having someone else join you in doing the confessions live.

Who here needs to create a vision for yourself, business or family?




If you are in the DMV area or the NYC tristate area be sure to check out these two timely events.  Remember it is never too late and where you are now is a great place to start.

Join us for an exclusive and intimate opportunity to Win, Rule and Lead in 2016 at The Creativity Suite at the Waldorf Astoria.

Activities include:
-Turn your dreams into reality by creating your own Vision Board
-Network with flourishing women (material provided, bring two magazines of your choice)
-Learn tips on how to balance life, love, family and career
-Map and execute your goals for 2016



Day 15 of My Confessions

Day 15 of My Confessions: Budgets and the junk room-There’s my 💰💸💵💳 time to kick it in gear.

Watch video here

In tonight’s live scope I mentioned a free Shutterfly Calendar code.   See it below in image.

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Be sure to select the correct size 8×11 before you start, then double check once you get it going because you cannot click a button and switch it.

Day 13 of My Confessions

Day 13 of My Confessions:🙏🏾 Faith and Fear don’t go hand in hand 🙌🏽

On Tonight’s scope share the struggles I have had with exercising faith and trusting God in certain areas of my life.  While I have believed and trusted him to do the impossible in my life, I haven’t always trusted Him in everything.   I hope this scope speaks you  wherevery you are tonight’s scope here

Day 10 of My Confessions

Day 10 of My Confessions: 💃🏽I’m back at it!🎉🎉 Birthday weekend reflections😱 Dreams revisited.  Watch it here.

I am back at it tonight. Confessing and being transparent is hard because there are some things that I am just not ready to open up about.

While celebrating my birthday this weekend I found myself drifting back down memory lane and trying to remember what my dreams were as a child. Have you ever thought back to what you dreamed of doing long before you learned to care what others thought? Well like most kids, my dreams changed over the years but a few things stick out that cause me to wonder what if?

Day 9 of my Confessions

Day 9 of my Confessions: 📢👂🏼☹️Judgement, Biases and Ears to Hear💯.

Watch today’s scope here. I share about  my love for music and my struggle to learn and receive anything of value from people I don’t like.  One thing led to another and I found myself confessing my dislike for politics.

Day 7 of my Confessions

Day 7 of my Confessions: Priorities😁 Who goes where?

In today’s confession I share my struggle to know what it looks like to prioritize my family.  This is something that I’m working on daily.  I love that Periscope is interactive because I was able to get feedback from viewers.  (Now, don’t you wish you had been with me live?)  One viewer suggested that I include time for myself in my list of priorities.  The weird thing about this is, this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard this suggested to me.  So, this suggestion really got my attention. Through conversation with live viewers I received great feedback as to what “Me time” looks to determine whether I am currently getting it.

Today’s discussions led me down to share about a really neat test that I took a while back to determine the areas of my life that need work.  While seeing the results for the first time was not be fun, it helped point me in the right direction to becoming a healthier me as a whole.   Want to take the test for yourself?

Watch today’s Confession here