Winter Harvest at Highland Flats Farm

I just returned from Young Living’s Winter Harvest in Naples Idaho at the Highland Flats Farm!!

What an amazing experience.  I got to experience our seed to seal process up close and personal.  I’m super proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I’m  certainly not the outdoorsy kinda girl.  Add to that the fact that I hibernate in winter and you’ll realize this was nothing short of a miracle.  And guess what?  I had a blast.

I got to drive a Skid Steer twice with two different attachments.  The first time I used it outside with a tree cutting attachment (that’s probably not the correct name but you get the point.)  It was so cool. See video of me driving. The second time I drove indoors with a scoop (again not proper name) attachment used to scoop up the tree materials and transport them to the large machine where the material is steamed to create the essential oils.



My team on the first day at the farm


My team members on our last day at the farm


Yes, I’m feeling pretty strong after commandeering this machine




The entire group of ladies at Winter Harvest this week.  We went from strangers to friends.


The truck unloading materials from the chipper inside the distillery.









One of the three jacuzzis filled with floral water from the Idaho Balsam Fir .


This is where we slept and ate.  Kinda reminds you of the show MASH from the 80s.


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