Young Living Essential Oils: Often Imitated but Never Duplicated.

I’m back from Young Living’s 2015 Convention.  What an amazing time it was.  First, let me just describe for you how huge this event was.  Due to the large number of people who want to attend the convention Young Living had to break it up into two sessions.  That’s right, we are so big that we had to host the convention twice with each session boasting 10,000 people.  What’s even crazier is that both sessions sold out long before convention. Session A sold out within days of it being announced back in January and Session B was fully booked more than a month out.  This just goes to show you how hungry people are for more knowledge and tools to do better by their bodies and enhance their health and wellness.

A group of friends and I did a convention recap for our Facebook group.  As part of my contribution I did a video to share my thoughts about Young Living as well as our founder and former CEO, D.Gary Young.   I’m not one who is into idolizing and worshipping man, so please don’t take my admiration and respect out of context.   After hearing Gary Young speak about essential oils, I have a greater appreciation for what he has done to make Young Living what it is today.

There is no doubt in my mind that Young Living’s essential oils are  of a superior quality and second to none.  Although essential oils have been around for along time and can be found in just about every health food store, it was Gary Young who has made essential oil use and more specifically Therapeutic Grade oils use more mainstream in his attempt to make sure that every home in the world has access to God’s gift to us.


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