How It All Began

This package right here started me on my journey to loving Young Living oils. I was so excited that I quickly snapped a picture before busting into each box. This was only 7 months ago. Initially I kept it packed away nicely with the intention of using it sparingly. I occasionally played around diffusing an oil here or there for the aromatic effect. Then I started coming down with something on the eve of my baby shower slumber party. This was no time to get sick and I was feeling yucky- post nasal drip and that weird throat feeling had me worried. With all of the drug restrictions during pregnancy I quickly pulled out my oils and jumped on google to see what others were using. I ran my diffuser day and night with Lemon and Peppermint while alternating Thieves and Purification. I applied the Thieves oil neat (term meaning undiluted) on the bottom of my feet. I also made a Thieves spray (which by the way doubles as a hand/surface spray) that I used to coat my throat. I even diffused overnight at the slumber party.  Before long, I was back to myself again. I love my Essential Oils!



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