Day 18 of My Confessions

Day 18 of My Confessions: to thine own self be true! 🎭🎭🎤 I know who I am🎤 unmasked and unashamed💯

Watch today’s scope here.  If you recall back when I first started confessing I briefly mentioned that my recent attempt at taking a personality test resulted unnatural combination which amounted to masked behavior.  This bothered me greatly and I was determined to go back over the test.   I decided to spend some time making sure that I read and took the test properly and also answered questions based on my natural preferences and Not learned behavior.

Take the GEMS test for yourself and put your results in the Comments

Protected: Dani Johnson’s “GEMS” and Motivation by Gem Type

Day 10 of My Confessions

Day 10 of My Confessions: 💃🏽I’m back at it!🎉🎉 Birthday weekend reflections😱 Dreams revisited.  Watch it here.

I am back at it tonight. Confessing and being transparent is hard because there are some things that I am just not ready to open up about.

While celebrating my birthday this weekend I found myself drifting back down memory lane and trying to remember what my dreams were as a child. Have you ever thought back to what you dreamed of doing long before you learned to care what others thought? Well like most kids, my dreams changed over the years but a few things stick out that cause me to wonder what if?