Day 21 of My Confessions

Day 21 of My Confessions: Post😍😘 Valentine’s Day wrap-up/ Call to Action💯

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Hope you had a Love-filled Valentine’s Day.  Did you buy into the commercialization or keep it low key?  There’s no wrong answer here.  So people really do need to have a special day to remind them not to take those they cherish and love for granted.

Did you hear?  My Confessions will now be once a week.  For those of you who enjoy watching, but can’t keep up with all that life is sending your way, you are not alone.  I too have some things to get done.  In fact,  my confessions have played a vital role in helping me confront some of the things that have held me back.

I invite you to join me live on Periscope  @diffusingtheTEA



Day 15 of My Confessions

Day 15 of My Confessions: Budgets and the junk room-There’s my 💰💸💵💳 time to kick it in gear.

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In tonight’s live scope I mentioned a free Shutterfly Calendar code.   See it below in image.

Ok, we don’t know when Shutterfly will offer this again so hurry and make yours now. Code expires at 11:59pm PT or 2:59am ET on Tomorrow -Sunday February 7th.

Be sure to select the correct size 8×11 before you start, then double check once you get it going because you cannot click a button and switch it.