Wholesale vs Retail

You can get the essential oils I recommend in one of two ways: Wholesale or Retail via the Young Living website.  Visit Young Living’s website to view our  Products listing here.  I highly recommend signing up as a Wholesale Member like I did, because that gets you a discount of 24% off all your oils! (I’m all about scoring great deals and discounts so this was a no-brainer for me.) As a wholesale member you gain the benefit of the discounted pricing, but you are NOT required to pay any sort of membership fee, you do NOT have to sell any products and there is NO monthly minimum purchase requirement.

You might see these oils for sale on Amazon or eBay but there is no way of knowing if those oils are authentic and unadulterated. Don’t believe me, WATCH this safety warning video.

To become a Wholesale Member and get your 24% discount, first you’ll order a starter kit when you sign up as a member. You can choose from a number of different kits, but by far the best deals are the Premium Starter Kit options. I personally started with an essential oils Premium Starter  kit because the oils are all so useful. Once you order your starter kit you’re automatically entitled to wholesale pricing on all Young Living products, at 24% off.The Premium Starter Kit is designed to get you started by introducing you to our  most frequently used oils for daily living. It’s worth over $300, but as a new wholesale member, you get it for over 50% off!