How do I Get Started?

Congratulations!!! You’ve taking the first step and are well on your way 

I’m Ready to Start Shopping for Essential Oils

Great!  Here’s what you need to know.  Young Living is a direct ship company that works on a referral basis.  I’d really appreciate it if you would let them know that I referred you by using my member #1979208 as both your enrolled and sponsor numbers.  Now, it should already be listed on the hyper link below, but just in case it is not, you have it.   There are a lot of advantages to having me refer you to Young Living.  I will be your guide on this journey and the best part is I’m not alone.  We have an entire team aka oily family waiting to help you. You can visit Young Living directly.  Let me be the first to say WELCOME!

I Need to See the which Essential Oils Young Living has first

Absolutely, you certainly can.  Just prepare yourself because Young Living has a large  selection of essential oils and essential oil infused products.  The selections are PRETTY AWESOME.  Once you click the link to view our products it will take you away from my page.  When you go to make a purchase you will need to manually input my member #1979208 in both the enrolled and sponsor fields.  Unless you are a seasoned oiler, this can leave you overwhelmed. My goal is to help you get started by making this journey as easy as possible which is why I highly recommend you start with our Premium Starter Kit.  Have fun checking out Young Livings essential oils, you will feel like a kid in a candy store.   It will make you want all the oils.



I told you that once you get started you will  absolutely love these essential oils and want more.  Now, I would not be serving you well if I didn’t tell you about Young Living’s Essential Rewards (ER) Program.  This is absolutely a must if you like FREE STUFF or enjoy a good a bargain or live life on a budget.   If you’re like me, then all three apply.  With ER, our monthly autopship program you earn points that you can redeem for free product starting your  third month.  You customize your order with what you want and when you want to it.  This means you can change both your order and the processing date each month. You never have to get the same thing every month. Plus you get the best shipping rate possible.  The only requirement is that you spend a minimum of 50PV (product value) each month.  You can even cancel at anytime, and restart when you are ready. Just be sure to cash in your rewards points first.  But why would you want to cancel and start back over at 10% when you could be earning 20-25% back from your monthly purchases?  Seriously, with Young Living you can swap out your toxic everyday products like toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, body lotion, hair and body wash and household cleaner  for safer products from Young Living and use your rewards to get your essential oils for free.  You even have the opportunity to purchase exclusive deals (essential rewards kits) that are even better than wholesale savings.  If this isn’t enough already, you also receive loyalty gifts just for participating in the program.  So don’t be afraid to join our rewards program today and start building your essential oil collection while ditching the toxins in your home.

Now You May Proceed